Top 7 Things to Know When Selecting a Venue!

Date: 13.02.2014 | Blog

Your dress, the music and your catering are the three most important aspects of your wedding; however, there is one other that sets the entire tone and feel of your big day, the venue! The facility you choose will set the excitement your guests will feel as they walk in and check out the setting. It is all in the details.

As you walk in to a venue, aesthetically, you may automatically feel it’s the perfect place, or not. Either way, you need to ask the right questions, to ensure it meets all of your requirements to make your special day perfect, without costing you an arm and a leg; gas prices already do that!

Here are the top 7 questions to ask, to ensure you get the wedding of your dreams!

What does the venue offer as a whole?
When going over the pricing of a venue, always ask what each package includes.  Does their facility fee include rentals (ie: chairs, tables, china & linens) or will that be an extra charge?  Are you allowed to use outside caterers?  If yes, is there an extra fee?  If the venue has a Preferred Vendor list, do you have to use the specific vendors on that list or may you use others?  Décor – always ask what décor comes standard with that particular venue.  If you are visiting a venue, it may be set up for an event that they have with extra décor.  Make sure you know everything that is included in your package.  Choose your date wisely, some venues will offer specials on their pricing if it is considered “off-season”

Are we allowed to bring in decorations?
Make sure to get a clear answer on this.  Especially if you plan on hanging anything throughout the event space.  A lot of Brides are getting some great DIY ideas from Pinterest.  Make sure that if you are doing a creative backdrop behind your cake table or hanging some cute poms over the candy buffet that your venue will allow this.  Always ask about open flames as well!

How many events do you host a day?
Some caterers have multiple locations that they cater to.  Ask how many events they are capable of doing in one day and how many events they book in one day at the venue you have chosen.  If your wedding is in the morning, you may feel like you’re being rushed out if the venue needs the space for an afternoon party. Or if your party is later in the day, you could show up to a Venue that has not been set up properly or a team of staff members that have already been working five hours prior to your event.

Is there a day-of coordinator?
Will there be someone from the venue present during my event?  If there is a “Day-of-Coordinator” at the venue, make sure to get, in detail, what their duties are.  Some venues have them but they are there to mainly over-see the set up.  If you have place cards, favors, etc., make sure your contract clearly states that person will be setting up all of your details.  If the facility doesn’t come with a coordinator that will put your place cards out, set up your candy table, work with your vendors, etc., HIRE ONE! They are worth every penny!

What’s the maximum number of guests you can accommodate?
The coordinator you are meeting with should know the maximum number that fits in their facility comfortably.  Always ask this!  Your guest list during the planning process may be 175 people but may jump to 210 right before the big day.  Make sure that they can legally and comfortably accommodate your guests.

Does the venue have a liquor license?
A lot of times, couples will just assume that they can bring in their own alcohol to their event.  Ask the venue if they have a liquor license and if you are able to provide your own liquor.  Most venues will not allow this.  Mainly because if they do have a liquor license, they legally cannot serve anyone’s alcohol other than their own.

Do they have adequate parking facilities?
If there is valet or a public parking location at the venue, ask if there is an additional fee or if your guests will have to pay to park.  Most hotels charge $10-$15 per vehicle.  You can always opt to pay for this ahead of time for your guests but make sure you work this into your budget.


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