Barbara DesRochers-Lyons

Founder of Country Garden Caterers

Barbara DesRochers-Lyons opened up a little Mexican Food Restaurant in the mid-1970’s called Sombrero Street. The award-winning eatery soon added Catering to its list of services. Within a few years, the Catering business grew and grew, and it made sense for Barbara to focus all her attention on the booming Catering Business and utilize the Charming and Historical Location for Special Events.

Prior to starting the family business Barbara was a school teacher and earned all her credentials for Public School Administration. However, once she caught the Event Planning bug, she plunged herself into growing Country Garden Caterers. A single-mother of three, Barbara managed to grow her business, put all her kids through College and now all three of her children are employed by the Family Business. This, more than anything else, was her proudest accomplishment.

Favorite Quotation:
“Consider the postage stamp, my son.  It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.” ~ Josh Billings

A little know fact about Barbara:
Barbara was an expert accordion player who performed for The Doors.

Sadly, Barbara left this world in 2022 to start her next great adventure.  We all miss Barbara dearly.