Kim DesRochers-Garcia

President, Catering & Human Resource Manager

Having grown up and worked in the Family Business for nearly her entire life, Kim knows how to keep the office, service staff and kitchen humming like a fine-tuned machine. She has an uncanny ability to intuitively know what will work and what won’t work and how to fix it. Kim studied Law in College and has a deep passion to run the business by the books, and thus ensures the integrity and stability of the business. Kim is the glue that holds all the different departments together.

While Kim’s main concentration is on running the office, kitchen and staff, she still enjoys planning and executing events.

Favorite Country Garden Meal:
Any of our Mexican Dishes

Favorite Quotation:
“Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect.” ~Theodore Parker

A little-known fact about Kim: Kim was a competitive volleyball player through college and made it to the Cypress College Hall of Fame.


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